Add a calendar on Android Emulator

After much searching this is the only way I could figure out how to add a calendar when running in an Android Emulator.  This is not a new problem, many users have complained about this on the internet see

The solution I came to is based off of the idea from BizTalk Maven however this does not appear to work anymore (at least not for me) because  according to Google.

“Starting January 30, 2013, users, other than paid Google Apps users, won’t be able to set up new devices using Google Sync”.

in other words unless you have a paid Google account, this method will not work with your Google account.

To get this to work I signed up for a free account, and used that to add an account. supports Active Sync on it’s free accounts.

Steps I followed:

  • Sign out for free account at 
  • Select a Corporate Account
  • Enter username such as [email protected]
  • Select Manual Setup
  • Select account type of “Exchange” (This will allow us to sync with active sync)
  • Enter Server as
  • Security type as SSL/TLS
  • Select next

Android Account Setup

If successful you will see a screen like this:

Android Account setup 2

You are now done. Go test that calendar!


  1. Thank you very much!
    Kindly remind others who wants to try the steps that API 25 doesn’t have an “Exchange” option when adding account, which took me a lot of time to understand the steps…
    I use API 23 instead and it works!!

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