Simple XML Parse Flickr Feed

So in one of my recent projects I had to parse a Flickr feed and extract the image urls the code I came up with is as follows:

/* Author: Samuel Haddad
 * SimpleXML Flicker Feed Parser
//Feed URL in RSS Format
$url =""; //FEED URL

//Use simple XML to parse the feed
$xml = simplexml_load_file($url);
$items = $xml->xpath('/rss/channel/item');
foreach($items as $item){
 $nsmedia = $item->children('');
 $img = $nsmedia->content->attributes();
 echo $img; //URL of Image
 echo "<br/>";

Of course my code did more then just extract the URL, but I will leave the rest up to the creative developers.


  1. Hey! I know this is very old post but this script actually still works when others failed. But this fetch only large image. How I can find smaller one for thumb? End with _m.jpg.

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