Pointsec boot from CD

Since I always forget how to boot from a cd using Pointsec I decided to write it down. This brings you to an alternative boot menu.

  1. Start computer
  2. Enter Pointsec account information.
  3. When it prompts you to continue, do not hit continue right away instead press CTRL + F10
  4. Then continue you will be prompted with the alternative boot menu.

If you need a disk that can read the encrypted drive. You can try following the following instructions to create a Bart PE cd with the Pointsec Drivers in it:



  1. I have managed to access the “alternative boot menu” but only receive the option to boot from:
    0 floppy drive (laptop not fitted with one)
    1 Hard drive
    2 Windows PE (if available).

    Any ideas why I can’t see the boot from CD/DVD option?

  2. If you get in to the Alternative Boot Menu and you do not see the option to choose a CDROM then go into the BIOS and change the SATA mode of your hard drive to compatibility or vicevera to SATA and try again. it will then show the CD boot option so you can use a HIREN’s cd or the like to hack into the hard drive but the harddrive itself may not boot on its own until you change the setting back in the BIOS.

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