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When I was working as a Desktop Support Technician in college, I wrote a .NET C# Dell service tag finder because I dealt with well, many Dell computers. I decided to write a little program that I could carry on my flash drive with me and all my other technical applications. What I like most about this application is the ability to quickly get to the Dell Warranty and driver information. I hope that someone else finds this useful as well, if you do let me know.


Download Dell Service Tag Finder: Source | Executable

This is was possible using Windows Management Instrumentation and if you are interested in pulling other information from your computer I recommend you read up on it. For this example, I used the Win32_BIOS Class, but you can find all the WMI Classes here.

Preview of Source:

        String dellServiceTag;

        private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //Load Service Tag
            ManagementClass wmi = new ManagementClass("Win32_Bios");
            foreach (ManagementObject bios in wmi.GetInstances())
                dellServiceTag = bios.Properties["Serialnumber"].Value.ToString().Trim();
            Display.Text = dellServiceTag;


This application requires the .NET Framework or you may receive application errors.

The service tag is pulled from the BIOS so if you ever had your motherboard replaced and the service tag was not reset it will be blank.

The service tag is really the Serial of the machine, so other models such as HP will display the Serial, but the express code will be wrong. I will look into this when I have multiple machines to test on.


  1. hi great program i was wondering if you can send me the source code and also if i could get your permisson to modify this program for my needs such as my clients dont need the drivers or waranty tab also am going ot change look to be more eye apealing please get back to me as soon as you can. sincerly john

  2. Hi,

    This is a great utility. I wonder I you can modify it to take the input for the computer name or ip address to get the serail no. and service tag for the computer(s) on the network.

    Please do the needful.


  3. Hi,

    I like this a lot.
    I found you because I needed a base-36 converter. However, I like to go both ways. How can I modify the code so I can do this?

    You have it so Base36 to Base10.
    I need Base10 to Base36 as well, both no other bases so I don’t need it to be universal, just two functions.

    (Making it so I can convert service tags)

  4. By the way, will I need exception handling if this is executed on a non Dell machine?

    I am an all Dell shop so I can’t test it (and use Mac and Linux at home)

  5. I believe it will pull the serial number of the machine if it is a non dell machine.

  6. Thanks Samuel!
    Though I should probably add some sort of exception handling just in case.
    Any idea what it would throw?

    Also, can you provide me with some insight on your algorithm so I can have a

    private long base36encode(string inputString); function as well?

  7. Did any of you guys got my question ” I wonder I you can modify it to take the input for the computer name or ip address to get the serail no. and service tag for the computer(s) on the network.”

    Please do the needful and oblige.


  8. Do you any program that will allow me to change the service tag number on Dell Optiplex 960?


  9. Great little program!!! I deal with lots of Dell machines (servers and workstations) as well and now I don’t need to physically in front of the machine to get the service tag. Now I can do it remotely. Thanks a lot!!!

  10. Alan, thanks for the kind words. I am glad the program is serving you well.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to write this and having the compassion to share it!

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