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  • Media Key support
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Control Pandora from any application.
  • Auto updater for new features


Desktop Application for


  • .NET 4.0
  • A account
  • Enjoy listening to music

Why Did I make this?:

I am a big fan of both Pandora, Jango, and streaming music in general.  I think they are great. However, I also feel that being a web-based application they lack features that exist in a desktop media player. For example, keyboard shortcuts and notifications are features I cannot live without.  After creating a desktop wrapper for called Jango Desktop. I set out to create one for Pandora. There were already a few on the market, but I found they did not do what I wanted or were no longer being developed. My favorite used to be Open Pandora however it no longer seemed to be supported and many of the features no longer work. My code is based on the Open Pandora project but has the functionality that I was looking for.


Pandora Keys is open source. Please check out the project and jump right in. Programmers, graphic designers, or just your ideas, whatever your skills may be you are welcome to join the fun.


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