So Digsby has been around for quite some time now. For those of you have not heard about Digsby or tried it, let me fill you in. Digsby is an instant messaging client that combines, emails, and social networking. This means you can have your AIM, GMail, and Facebook all in the same place. Until recently Digsby has been running great, however it would utilize a lot of memory. In it’s recent builds the developers have spent a lot of time optimizing the memory, and for that I am thankful and this is why I am writing this post, as a tribute to Digsby I am releasing some quick tips and tricks.

Skinning Digsby:

Digsby has some ultra cool skins and emoticons by default, however if you are looking for more. You can visit at this website you will find an assortment of downloads. Here you can find new skins, converstation themes, emoticons, and sounds.

Digsby Widget:

Digsby wants everyone to be able to communicate with you, even if they do not have an Instant message client themselves. Digsby has created a flash widget that can be embedded in just about any webpage. This will allow users to talk to you from a webpage such as facebook if you are online.

Digsby Log Converter:

Not from the developers of Digsby but, rather a man who calls himself UFGrayMatter, is a log converter. It allows you to convert your logs from other instant messaging clients such as Pidgin. It can be downloaded at

Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + TAB- Allows you to easily switch between tabs.
CTRL + ALT + TAB – allows you to scroll through the tabs in the reverse direction.
CTRL + UP ARROW – Recalls your last message typed, much like command prompt and unix based command line.

Please e-mail more I live by shortcut keys and will just keep a running thread here.

So you my have noticed that if you upgraded to Vista or have Vista that it took Netgear over 6 months to release drivers for there Zetera SC101 NAS.

 The Problem:

When installing the latest SCM utility and drivers you receive an error “Failed to install the Z-SAN SCSI miniport driver”  or similar.

 The Resolution:
If your installation already failed and the setup software tells you to restart, you must do so.

Next restart the installation. Select Customchange the default installation directory to anything but the default and then continue. The software should install perfectly now.

You can get the latest software from Netgear’s support page.

This fix came from scouring the comments from

Pidgin LogoPidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once. It can be found at I have been using it for a while now when AIM started putting advertisements into there software. Pidgin was formally GAIM which changed its name due to legal reasons and started to rewrite their software. My friends and I have been using it for a while now and really enjoy it. However there is one complaint I hear a lot and that has to do with appearance and themes. It is for this reason that I am putting together a little guide of steps I have taken to make pidgin more my style.

The Original Buddy list is depicted below.

Orginial Buddy List

One thing that I do not like is that the icons each name takes up so much space. This is because the idle time and buddy information is being displayed under each buddy name. I started by disabling this feature.

  1. Go to buddies
  2. Show and un check buddy details, idle times and enable protocol icons to a style of your liking.


By doing this I can easily see more buddies online at any given moment, my buddy list looks something like and all those details I disabled are still available just by hovering over a buddy with my mouse.

Pidgin 3

Another complaint I often here is the lack of themes. Well actually there is support for themes. I will admit its a little hidden, but I am going to walk you though it now and show you where you can find hundreds of free themes.

  1. Pidgin uses the GTK+ orThe GIMP Toolkit for creating its graphical user interfaces. This is because it is cross platform and so is Pidgin. While my tutorial is geared towards windows users I am sure its very similar to other operating systems.
  2. We need to start by enabling GTK+ control in pidgin. To do that go to Tools > Plugins> and check Pidgin GTK+ Theme Control.


  3. Press Configure Plugin.


  4. Everytime you change your theme press Re-read gtkrc files to apply the theme.
  5. To select a new theme go to Start > All Programs > GTK+ > Theme Selector. Select a theme and press ok, then Re-Read gtkrc files to see the theme applied to Pidgin.
  6. Download new themes at
  7. Unzip themes and store them in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\share\themes folder.
  8. I used the Litoral theme, without spending hours searching.
  9. Make sure you adjust the GTK+ Interface Font so it looks good with your theme. I ended up using Arial normal styles size 10.
  10. Now chagning the Pidgin default icons, by default they are located in C:\Program Files\Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin
  11. I started picking an Icon set I liked. I found a few pre-made sets with some Google searches here some links

Make sure Pidgin is not running when you make this change and make sure you backup your original icons. If you can not find any you like, you can Google search for more or make your own.

* Originally found on this forum

I settled on the Glossy Theme

Pidgin Final

In the end my pidgin looks a little something like this, I plan on tweaking it out some more though, I will keep you posted. If this post helped you in anyway please leave a comment and let me know.